Hey everyone! I know I've been absent from posting here on my blog, but things have been crazy busy the last couple of weeks. Let me give you a quick run-down of what's been happening:

First off, I've been promoted at work to take over a colleague's position after he stopped on June 30th. It basically means that I went from being in our IT-support to being our systems administrator with responsibility of our entire infrastructure, all our applications and hardware in both our main office, central warehouse and webshop warehouse. So the time until my colleague stopped was pretty much full of me having to learn all he knew, which was near an impossible task in just a few weeks, and after I started the new position on July 1st, I've really seen how little knowledge I managed to obtain from him. But it'll be fine, I'll learn what I need over time, it just means that it's a tough start.

But it's all good, because now I am on summer vacation, so I have time to relax and gather my mind so I can be ready to begin for real when I get back to work. A little R&R is always healthy.

Beyond that, I've spent a lot of my sparetime giving my own server structure a good once-over, basically moving it to a new OS so I could get away from using cPanel and instead have full control myself. This means that nameservers/DNS, webserver, mailserver and everything else is now run fully by me and not by some piece of software. Having moved away from cPanel also allowed me to invest in more servers so I have better redundancy if a server should go down.
Following that, I've begun making a new website for my little webdesign/hosting business called AJC Websolutions, which I won't provide a link to right now, because all you'll see is a big text saying that the site is under construction.

Regardless, I've still been trying to keep up with my game videos, and I've tried to upload at least three times a week, which I believe I've managed. However, now that I'm on vacation, I should have more time for it - except for the coming weekend where I'll be heading off for a few days to be with a friend of mine.

Anyway, that's what's going on! Have a good one, guys and girls.